Grant recipients 2012: Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation

Congratulations Pauliina Pietilä, Sara Wallgren and Nadja Bournonville!

Welcome to the opening on Sunday Dec 2nd! Free entrence all day. Director Sara Arrhenius presents the grant recipients and opens the exhibition at 1pm.

Pauliina Pietilä, Sjukhus 2011.
Pauliina Pietilä, Sjukhus 2011

Pauliina Pietilä

Pauliina Pietilä finds her motives during evening walks through cities around the world: quiet back streets, lit storefronts and deserted workplaces. The photorealistic paintings depict what she refers to as a “distorted copy of reality.” In the transformation process, where a descriptive photograph becomes a painting, subjective layers of memory are added, and the city portraits ultimately become a representation of herself.

Pauliina Pietilä, 1982, was born and raised in Finland but now lives and works in Malmö. She graduated from the Malmö Art Academy with a Master in Fine Art in 2011. She has previously exhibited at Uppsala Art Museum, KHM Gallery, Malmö and Gallery Arnsted in Eastern Karup. Pauliina Pietilä works are in the collections of the Malmö Art Museum and Uppsala County Council.


Sara Wallgren, Synergier
Sara Wallgren, Synergier

Sara Wallgren

Through drawing, installation, objects and sound-works, Sara Wallgren materializes traces of time. The celestial bodies depicted in the work Synergiesare noted with a date between 1700-1800’s signifying not only the age of the papers, but also our distance from the stars. The mapped stars are as many light-years away as the paper is old. Drawings from Synergies accompany a sound composition based on recordings of the sounds of distant celestial bodies.

Sara Wallgren, born 1981, lives and works in Malmö. She earned her Master’s in Fine Art from Malmö Art Academy in 2010. She has previously received Bror Hjorths Drawing Scholarship and the Helge Ax: son Johnsson’s Foundation Grant, and her work has been exhibited at Joao Cocteau, Berlin and Liljevalch’s vårsalong, Stockholm. Sara Wallgren is represented by Gallery Anna Thulin, Stockholm.


Nadja Bournonville, String Construction 2012.
Nadja Bournonville, String Construction 2012.

Nadja Bournonville

Nadja Bournonville designed the series A Conversion Act based on her fascination for historical records of hysteria and the hysterical, concepts defined in the late 1800’s. Through photographic stagings at the Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, she invokes such events. There the physician Jean-Claude Charcot would hypnotize female inmates before an audience of male physicians, scientists and artists. The images, simultaneously absurd and melancholic, offer a closer look at the spectable, erotic aspects, and vulnerability surrounding hysteria.

Nadja Bournonville, born in 1983 in Vimmerby, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin. She earned her Master’s degree at the Hochschule für Graphics und Buchkunst, Leipzig in 2012. She has exhibited at such institutions as the Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg, Gallery Anna Thulin and Vestfossen Museum, Norway. Nadja Bournonville is represented by Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, and is a member of the artist collective PLATS.