• Insomnia

    24 Sep 2016 22 Jan 2017

    The group exhibition Insomnia discusses sleeplessness as a cultural symptom. It brings together a group of contemporary artists – Carsten Höller, Katarina Löfström, Julia Feyrer & Tamara Henderson, Kate Cooper, Leif Elggren and Rafaël Rozendaal – and a selection of historical works. The artists set the stage for states of sleep and wakefulness, rest and activity, dream-filled absence and constant accessibility, and the works keep Bonniers Konsthall active around the clock.

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    On the occasion of the exhibition Insomnia, a book with the same name is published, containing new material as well as key texts related to insomnia as a social and cultural metaphor. It is the first in Bonniers Konsthall’s new publication series, which is done in collaboration with Art and Theory Publishing. Graphic Design by Bedow.

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  • Spend the night at Bonniers Konsthall

    A central piece in this fall’s big exhibition Insomnia is Two Roaming Beds (Grey), 2015, by renowned artist Carsten Höller. The work consists of two identical robotic beds, clinical in their appearance and with an automatic steering system. The two beds wander round the exhibition space, one of them leading the other in a synchronized laterally reversed pattern. Attached to the beds are pens that draw patterns on the floor as the beds move, thereby leaving a trace that becomes part of the exhibition. As a visitor you now have a unique opportunity to book an overnight stay in the beds and spend a night by yourself in the gallery.

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Bonniers Konsthall, located in central Stockholm, is a place for Swedish and International contemporary art.

Since the start in 2006, Bonniers Konsthall has shown and discussed art from the world over. With its roots in the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation, Bonniers Konsthall is an independent and non-profit art institution.

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