The Image of War – The Conference

Bonniers Konsthall organizes a conference with reference to the exhibition The Image of War in order to widen the conversation around the relationship between those who do the depicting, those who are being depicted and those who then see what’s been depicted.

What is in question is the theoretical status and the actual function of images of this kind. Departing from the exhibition, amidst artist talks and performances, representatives of organizations like Reporters without Borders, The Institute for International Affairs, the daily paper Dagens Nyheter and Amnesty International will offer points of view and make up a larger conversation around subjects like witnessing, monuments and the use of images as evidence, but also of new technologies of image-making, newsworthiness, propaganda and questions of the true and false narratives that can be woven around images.

The ambition is to deepen our understanding of the agency, production and distribution of such imagery and its part in shaping a political stance to conflict. Participants will get a copy of a newly published volume of poetry that responds to currents of war. Throughout the conference visitors will also get to take part in the daily paper Dagens Nyheter’s new image-based journalism that makes use of virtual reality technology.



Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Artist
Jonathan Lundqvist, Ordförande för Reportrar utan Gränser
Ellen Nyman, Director
Tirana Hassan, Head of Amnestys ’crisis response team’
Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Artist
Kari Andén-Papadopoulos, Professor
Johanna Mannergren Selimovic, Peace and Conflict Researcher
Susan Schuppli, Artist and Scientist
Paul Hansen, Photo Journalist
Gilles Saussier, Artist
Azita Ghahreman, Poet
Participants are recommended to see the exhibition beforehand given that the conference takes place in the galleries.



Where: Bonniers Konsthall, Torsgatan 19, Stockholm

Price: 480 SEK. 300 SEK members, students and seniors.

More: Conference participants receive an ex of the newly issued antology when buying a ticket. During the conference, visitors will also be able to share Dagens Nyheters virtual reality venture that develops a new image-reporting journalism.

Language: English

* The price includes coffee in the breaks, and a glass of wine during the mingle (25th of November).


Thank you to our partners for support in connection with the conference:

Amnesty Sweden
Dagens Nyheter
Institut Français
Reporters Without Borders Sweden
Stockholm Centre for the Ethics for War and Peace
The Swedish Institute of International Affairs