Michael Beutler Kottgubbar

Michael Beutler Kottgubbar

200,00 kr

For Bonniers Konsthall Michael Beutler has created new works based on the gallery’s architecture. With equal doses of improvisation and detailed planning, he, together with a group of students at the College of Fine Arts, made a forest of pillars. Pillars formed of cardboard and steel wire, and covered with wrapping paper in various colors.

Two cameras have automatically registered different moments in the four steps of the installation’s construction. The pictures make up the main part of the book, along with sketches and old work material.



Editor: Sara Arrhenius
Graphic Design: Michael Pfrommer
Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Kim Einarsson, Polly Staple
Pages: 160
Language: Swedish & English
Published by: Bonniers Konsthall, 2008