02 mar 2018

Spring break workshop

What do you see through the window? Who is hiding beneath the stairs? Where does the maze end up? Make your way to the Konsthall during spring break for a workshop inspired by Jens Fänge’s Dreams exhibition. Join workshop leader Emmelie Rudsberg as we create secret spaces – rooms with invisible doors and hidden corners, inhabited by wacky weirdos and crazy characters.
Two sessions: 12pm and 2pm

Length: approx 90 min. Recommended for children from 5 up. Younger siblings are more than welcome to join! Limited space. Pre-booking required: program@bonnierskonsthall.se. Collect tickets at least 30 minutes before the workshop begins. In Swedish.

Photo: Jens Fänge ”Journeys at Home”, 2016. Installation view from the exhibition ”The Hours Before”, Galerie Perrotin 2016. Photo: Galerie Perrotin.