Grant Recipients 2007: Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation

Grant Recipients 2007: Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation

Every year, the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation awards grants with the aim of supporting young visual artists and artistic work. The 2007 Grant Recipients are Johannes Heldén, Caroline Mårtensson and Martin Sundvall.

Johannes Heldén has worked in a world inspired by science fiction for quite some time. His literary work, installations, animations and online displays all lend to a strong narrative, often using spliced text, voice-overs and sound which assume a dark and imaginative form. He references various subcultures, comic books, television series and science fiction imagery, which Heldén boils down to create peculiar worlds filled with latent violence, feverish pursuits, quick escapes or a numbing state of waiting. Heldén has participated in exhibitions at UKS (Young Artists Society) in Oslo, Norway, Gothenburg’s Konsthall, and most recently in Against Time at Bonniers Konsthall. Heldén was born in 1978 and educated at Valand School of Fine Arts, part of the University of Gothenburg. He lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Caroline Mårtensson works with sculpture, objects and installations. By using shifting scales, absurd clashes and additions, she accentuates and highlights a perceived imbalance and discrepancy between the individual and the community at large. This may pertain to how one’s gender identity clashes with stereotypical ideals of masculinity and femininity. In several works, Caroline Mårtensson has also explored issues of nature and culture. By using hunting as her starting point, she created miniature shooting towers reminiscent of baby high chairs, as well as the interior of a fictitious hunter’s home containing an unusual hunting trophy. Mårtensson was born in 1977, educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark, The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, and the Malmö Art Academy. She lives and works in Lund, Sweden

Martin Sundvall uses the computer as his main artistic tool, and in his art he strives to create a synthesis between traditional artistic techniques and engineering. His work deals with issues of representation and reconstruction, which he relates to the art history world’s notion of depiction. Sundvall utilises his own personal memories and subjective ideas as the initial inspiration; for example, in his attempt to recreate a Ford Mustang toy car from his childhood or an apartment building in Stockholm where he worked as a porter. A recurring theme in his work methodology is to allow algorithms and machines to produce the final works, be they sculptures, graphics or installations. Sundvall was born in 1975, educated at The Royal Institute of Technology and The Royal University College of Fine Arts, both in Stockholm. He lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Martin Sundvall, The Swedish Model (Den svenska modellen), 2007