Lisa Jonasson

Lisa Jonasson

Lisa Jonasson’s figures have been blown up and in January will decorate the glass walls of the Spetsen Gallery. Meanwhile, a room within the gallery displays her richly detailed, colourful collages.

Lisa Jonasson is next in line for Bonniers Konsthall exhibition series In The Spetsen Gallery, in which artists are invited to make new work for the very tip of the exhibition hall. Previous artists in this series include Astrid Svangren, Ulla von Brandenburg and Malin Pettersson Öberg.

The pictures are made bit by bit. When a module is finished I affix it so that I can start on the next. New imbalances are created all the time, each one placing its own demands on the next. Making pictures is being in the stream of an endless number of decisions. Lisa Jonasson

Lisa Jonsson, Oh, Great Baby (O store bebis), 2012

Three Artist Couples in Conversation 1 Feb

Participants: Marianne Lindberg De Geer and Carl Johan De Geer, Karin Mamma Andersson and Jockum Nordström, Lisa Jonasson and Matti Kallioinen. Moderator: Camilla Larsson.

How does daily life influence and affect the potential to create? How does one balance out questions of inspiration and competition with family life and love? Questions one may not be comfortable asking, but which have affected women more than men throughout the years. By inviting three artist couples from different generations, we will delve into the issues surrounding these fundamental issues, hoping to work as an antidote to overruling preconceptions and the routine way of thinking surrounding the role of the contemporary artist.