Gardar Eide Einarsson

Gardar Eide Einarsson

Bonniers Konsthall invites internationally renowned artist Gardar Eide Einarsson to present his first solo exhibition in Sweden.

Gardar Eide Einarsson’s work is characterised by borrowing elements from art history, as well as from contemporary sources such as graffiti and skateboard culture. Central topics in Power Has a Fragrance are authority and alienation.

Drug lords and terrorists clash with police badges and truncheons in his formally and visually reduced, mostly black-and-white paintings, his meticulously constructed sculptures, photographs, videos, flags and flyers.

The exhibition is a collaborative effort between Bonniers Konsthall, The Reykjavik Art Museum, The Astrup Fearnley Museum for Moderne Kunst in Oslo, Norway, and Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel, Germany. At each venue, the show will take on a different design. At the Bonniers Konsthall’s exhibition, the artist includes numerous new works, including a site-specific design. The project is accompanied by a catalogue, published by Astrup Fearnley. Curated by Gunnar B. Kvaran, Director of Astrup Fearnley, Hafþór Yngvason, Director of Reykjavik Art Museum, and Sara Arrhenius, Director of Bonniers Konsthall.

Gardar Eide Einarsson, Power has a Fragrance, 2011.|Foto: Bonniers Konsthall

Seminar: Image Capture – Painting in a Digital Culture 23 March

The seminar Image Capture – Painting in a Digital Culture is a collaboration between Bonniers Konsthall and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. We warmly welcome you to an evening of micro-talks followed by an open-ended conversation about painting.

Participants: Ina Blom (Norway), Cecilia Edefalk (Sweden), Peter Rostovsky (USA/Russia), Sara Arrhenius (Sweden), Olav Westphalen (USA/Germany).

Gardar Eide Einarsson according to… 16 February – 12 June

Discover GEE’s art through another person’s perspective! Specially invited guests will give their personal perspective on the exhibition Power Has a Fragrance.

9 March
UKON, poet, psychologist and psychoanalyst. (In Swedish)

6 April
Ann Heberlein, researcher in ethics at Lund University, author and cultural writer. (In Swedish)

4 May
Karolina Ramqvist, author, cultural writer and columnist.  (In Swedish)