Edgar Cleijne and Ellen Gallagher

Bonniers Konsthall will host the first-ever Swedish solo exhibition of American artist Ellen Gallagher’s work. Gallagher has been recognised for her sublime, poetic interpretations of larger societal issues. The exhibition will in part feature a new, extensive work produced along with artist Edgar Cleijne for the New Orleans biennial Prospect.

Their installation Highway Gothic takes an abstract look at Interstate 10, an American motorway, using it to illustrate questions of how infrastructure is used to segregate social groups from one another. Ellen Gallagher, born in 1965 and currently living in Rotterdam and New York City, is renowned for her solo exhibitions at institutions including Tate Modern in London and The New Museum in New York City. The Swedish public knows her from a presentation of her art in the Eklips exhibition at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Edgar Cleijne, born in 1963 and also living in Rotterdam and New York City, is a photographer and filmmaker.