Cultural shifts in sleeping habits go together with major changes in our ways of living. Today we are witnessing a corresponding shift, in which the possibility of direct communication at any geographical distance shatters the 24-hour rhythm of the time zones. We have the possibility of doing everything regardless of what time of day it is. Insomnia aims to draw a map of the sleepless state that this accessibility creates. It seeks to test out whether this hyperactivity embodies a new kind of sensibility and presence that goes beyond previous sensory experiences. A wide-ranging, wide-awake communication that promises new experiences for consciousness and art. Or, on the contrary, is this utopia that we have woven out of optic fibres actually only an expression of an invasion of wakefulness into the formerly dark room reserved for dreams, thoughts and creativity?

Published by Bonniers Konsthall and Art and Theory Publishing.

Editor: Sara Arrhenius, Sofia Curman, Camilla Larsson
Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Ellen Blumenstein, Rosi Braidotti, Kate Cooper, Jonathan Crary, Roger Ekirch, Leif Elggren, Julia Feyrer, Tamara Henderson, Martin Herbert, Siri Hustvedt, Carsten Höller, Camilla Larsson, Katarina Löfström, Marti Manen, Filipa Ramos, Raqs Media Collective, Rafaël Rozendaal, Karen Russell
Graphic design: Bedow
Language: English
Pages: 158
Price: 180 SEK


Photo: Bedow

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Collected Works! 30 years with the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation

From the start in 1986, the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation has distributed grants to no less than 79 young artists. This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the foundation and this book offer insights into the Swedish art world from the 1980s to the present. Jeanette Bonnier, here in an interview with Sara Arrhenius, talks about the background to the grant – her daughter’s death in a car accident – and how it has been developed and the importance the grant has had even on a personal level.

The book’s leitmotif is interviews with grant recipients about their work, inspirations and what is important in art and society. With archival material, pictures and reviews a story about the art scene in Sweden over the past three decades are formed. The material reflects what has happened and changed over the years – a story that makes the present appear from a different view.

Number of pages: 324
Form: Annika Lyth, Lyth & Co.
Chief Editor: Niclas Östlind
Editors: Jenny Forsell & Theodor Ringborg
Language: Swedish
Published by: Bonniers Konsthall, Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation and Bonnier Facts
Price: 250 SEK

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Ylva Ogland She, an Introduction

Born in 1974 in Umeå in northern Sweden, Ylva Ogland is one of the brightest artistic stars of her generation. From a very early age she developed a unique artistic language, delving into the entire register offered by painting. To Ogland, painting is both a language in and of itself, as well as a state in which she creates quickly and confidently, without sketching or relying on assistance from devices such as projections. She surrounds herself with and regularly returns to her motifs, which consist of personal mythologies rooted in her individual life experiences. Her paintings often include installation elements and ritualistic performances, as she processes such subjects as memory, death and different states and levels of consciousness, while also addressing the line between art and reality.

She, an Introduction is published on the occasion of her solo exhibition She in Four Acts at Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm in 2015. The book’s rich image material contains a wide selection of works starting with a project in process from March 2015 and going back to 1990 when the artist was 16 years of age. The book includes texts by Sara Arrhenius, Nicolas Bourriaud and Sinziana Ravini, Marina Fokidis and Nicola Trezzi, all writers, scholars and curators who have followed Ogland’s work for a longer period of time and in very different ways have been deeply influenced by her world of ideas, memories and fantasies.

A special and limited edition of 50 copies has also been produced. Here the book is given a handwritten title and is placed in a beautiful archive box. In the box is also a piece of cloth, cut from one of Ogland’s paintings and a work of art in itself. Finally a number of facsimiles of Ogland’s work are placed in the box.

Editors: Sara Arrhenius, Sofia Curman
Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Nicolas Bourriaud, Marina Fokidis, Sinziana Ravini and Nicola Trezzi
Design: Patric Leo
Language: English
Published by: Bonniers Konsthall and Silvana Editoriale, 2015
Price: 485 SEK (limited edition 4700 SEK)

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Sharon Lockhart Milena, Milena. A work in progress

Artist Sharon Lockhart first met Milena in 2009. Their ongoing relationship over the following six years gave rise to a trilogy of exhibitions titled Milena, Milena. In the exhibitions, as in this volume, newer works were framed by earlier biographical ones, creating a dialogue between past and present. The book is not conceived as an archive of those exhibitions but rather as its own articulation of the same work, which is still in progress. Milena, Milena thus offers both an unfolding of a body of work and an evolving exploration of childhood.

Sharon Lockhart was born in 1964 in Norwood, Massachusetts. For the past two decades, she has portrayed individuals and their communities, showing aspects of their everyday lives in moving and still photography. Lockhart draws inspiration from the filmic and, in turn, her work has had a great impact on the development of film as a means of expression in the visual arts.

The publication is published on the occasion of the exhibition Milena, Milena initiated by curator Adam Budak at Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden and Kunstmuseum Luzern, Lucerne, Switzerland. With contributions by George Baker, Fanni Fetzer, Lars Bang Larsen and Camilla Larsson.

Managing Editor: Jane E. Neidhardt
Contributors: George Baker, Fanni Fetzer, Lars Bang Larsen, Camilla Larsson
Graphic Design: Stuart Bailey
Language: English
Published by: Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden, Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland, Kunstmuseum Luzern, Lucerne, Switzerland and Silvana Editoriale, 2015
Price: 320 SEK

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Laura Lima

Laura Lima’s (born in 1971, lives in Rio de Janeiro) works are informed by her fascination for the complexity of social relations and forms of human behavior. In her works, which employ media such as drawing, performance, and installation art, the Brazilian artist explores the boundaries of perception in dreams and fiction, in everyday reality and the absurd.

Lima’s works have been on display at the Ruhrtriennale, Essen (2012); the Lyon Biennial; the Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm; and the Manchester Art Gallery (all 2011); the Ruhrtriennale, Essen (2012), and other venues. She is also a cofounder and, since 2003, an artistic consultant, of the artist’s gallery A Gentil Carioca in Rio de Janeiro.

The publication, realized in conjunction with her first solo exhibition in Switzerland curated by Heike Munder, offers an overview on her oeuvre. With contributions by Heike Munder, Victoria Noorthoorn, and Jochen Volz.

Contributors: Inês de Araújo, Sara Arrhenius, Analu Cunha, Ronald Duarte, Simone Michelin, Heike Munder, Victoria Noorthoorn, Felipe Scovino, Daniel Toledo, Jochen Volz.
Editors: Sara Arrhenius, Heike Munder
Graphic Design: Studio Marie Lusa
Language: Engelska
Published by: Migros Museum of Contemporary Art, Bonniers Konsthall and JRP | Ringier, 2014.
Price: 400 kr

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Art of memory

What do we remember and why? What images of our history do we share and how were they created? What part do our memories play when we envision the future? Art of Memory is an anthology that moves whithin the territory of memory. The book includes newly written as well as recently translated fiction, theoretical essays and contributions from several of the artists that took part in the eponymous exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall in late 2013.

Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Tarek Atoui, Magnus Bergh, Gerard Byrne, Ann Böttcher, Georges Didi-Huberman, Cecilia Edefalk, James Joyce, Gerard Murnane, Raqs Media Collective, Johan Redin, Theodor Ringborg, Hans Rosenström, Anda Rottenberg, Hans Ruin, Steve Sem-Sandberg, Jesper Svenbro, Alina Szapocznikow.

Editors: Sara Arrhenius, Magnus Bergh, Theodor Ringborg.
Graphic Design: Ritator
Language: English and Swedish
Published by:  Albert Bonniers förlag, 2014
Price: 220 SEK

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Andreas Eriksson

Andreas Eriksson occupies a unique place in both his native Sweden as well as on the international art scene. His paintings are often placed within the tradition of Northern European Romanticism – the subject matter is frequently garnered from the landscape surrounding Mount Kinnekulle, Sweden, where he keeps his studio – but his artwork is just as often the embodiment of an idea rather than a concrete image. A typical feature of his work would paradoxically be to constantly transform and create through mobility where forms of expression always translate themselves into something else. This artistic gesture and newly acquired freedom was something he found when he chose to set up his studio in the middle of rural Sweden. The urge to let the act of creation lead you to unknown places, rather than to follow a specific style, is discussed by Eriksson and Camilla Larsson, curator at Bonniers Konsthall, in this publication. Sara Arrhenius, head of Bonniers Konsthall, discusses notions of time and the contrasting of geographical immobility and material mobility in Andreas Eriksson’s work. Kirsty Bell, writer and art critic, proposes a productive link between the act of painting and the act of memory, where Andreas Eriksson´s works could be seen as material recollections from nature as well as art history. The book with its 32 pages long cover jacket that can be unfolded like a frieze, has been designed by Patric Leo, with the aim of allowing the art a space to both display its place of origin – so closely entwined with the artistic process – as well as the physical space it occupies in the world once completed.

Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Kirsty Bell, Andreas Eriksson, Pontus Kyander, Camilla Larsson

Editors: Sara Arrhenius, Sofia Curman, Camilla Larsson
Graphic Design: Patric Leo
Language: English
Published by:  Koenig Books, London, 2014
Price: 400 SEK

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Jeppe Hein A Smile For You

Happiness, a topic Jeppe Hein intends to research for many years, is a new focus for his art. Entitled A Smile For You, Hein proposed that the first outward step of this exploration includes presenting questions about happiness in a media campaign, a publication, a specialized and in-depth roundtable discussion, and two partially parallel exhibitions with the same title at Bonniers Konsthall and Wanås Konst in the spring and summer of 2013.

In addition to a rich imagery from the exhibitions, the publication includes a wide range of voices discussing both Jeppe Hein’s artwork and the subject of happiness: including responses to Hein’s five questions about happiness, experiences shared from Berlin, Copenhagen, and Bhutan, art historical texts that offer discussions of Hein’s art and that track happiness as a subject in contemporary art.
The publication is a collaboration with Wanås Konst and published by Koenig Books.

Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Kirsty Bell, Jeppe Hein, Randall Krantz, Bjarne Villy Larsen, Kay Larson, Elisabeth Millqvist, Nadja U. Prætorius, Winnie Rode, Oliver Stilling.

 Editors: Sara Arrhenius, Mattias Givell, Jeppe Hein, Camilla Larsson and Wiebke Petersen
Graphic Design: All the Way to Paris
Language: English
Published by:  Koenig Books, London, 2013
Price: 390 SEK

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More Than Sound

What is music? And what makes it something that is more than sound? The anthology More Than Sound, with texts and sound contributions by leading Swedish and international artists, writers and musicians celebrates and discusses the evolution of music, its increasingly complex nature, and undeniable influence within the realm of contemporary art.

More than sound is the sixth in a series of anthologies where Bonniers Konsthall and Albert Bonnier’s Publishers investigate contemporary art’s relationship with other art forms. Previous books in the series are Anachronisms, Life Forms, Scene Shifts, Translatability and A Trip to the Moon.

Theodor Adorno, Sara Arrhenius, Tarek Atoui, Magnus, Eugen G. Brahms, Malin Bång, John Cage, Torsten Ekbom, Ayse Erkmen, Magnus, Susan Hiller, Juliet Koss, Thomas Mann, Haroon Mirza, Anne Hilde Neset, Susan Philipsz, Theodor Ringborg, Tara Rodgers, Alex Ross, Scanner (Robin Rimbaud), Patti Smith, Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Editors: Sara Arrhenius, Magnus Bergh, Theodor Ringborg
Graphic Design: Ritator & Jan Biberg
Language: Swedish & English
Published by: Albert Bonniers förlag, 2013
Price: 200 SEK

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Klara Kristalova

In the spring of 2012 Bonniers Konsthall presents the first large solo exhibition of the Swedish artist Klara Kristalova. Since her time at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Klara Kristalova has made the idiosyncratic decision to work primarily with ceramics. Her work has received a great deal of international attention, and now Bonniers Konsthall shows an extensive collection of her pieces, many done specifically for this exhibition. The catalog features an essay by British curator and journalist Tom Morton and a conversation between Klara Kristalova and Camilla Larsson, curator at Bonniers Konsthall.

Editors: Sofia Curman and Camilla Larsson
Graphic Design: Ritator
Language: Swedish & English
Published by:  Bonniers Konsthall, 2012
Price: 140 SEK

The book is out of stock.

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A Trip to the Moon

The love affair between art and film started the moment the film camera was invented. A Trip to the Moon is an anthology, with contributions from writers and artist, who investigate the centurylong relationship.

A century after the first film experiments, moving image is an inevitable part of our visual culture, available to everyone. One could say that we have now reached the stage after film, a shift in technologies as decisive as the invention of film itself. A sad consequence of the invention of new technologies is that other techniques have to move to the graveyard. How those shifts, those births and deaths in the history of the moving image, influence and change art is the core in this book and the eponymous exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall 2012

Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Alexander Ahndoril, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Rosa Barba, Marco Brambilla, Tacita Dean, Don DeLillo, Douglas Gordon, Jan Holmberg, Christiane Paul, Alex Reynolds, Lindsay Seers, Ryan Trecartin & Lizzie Fitch, David Foster Wallace, Ming Wong, Gene Youngblood

Editors: Sara Arrhenius & Magnus Bergh
Graphic Design: Ritator & Jan Biberg
Language: Swedish & English
Published by:  Albert Bonniers förlag, 2012
Price: 200 SEK

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Tomás Saraceno 14 Billions (Working Title)

This publication showcases 200 images of Tomás Saraceno’s works, among them the 400 cubic meter installation of a Black Widow’s spider web that he developed in collaboration with spider researchers and astrophysicists, and that was exhibited at Bonniers Konsthall in 2010.

Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Helena Granström, Jeffrey Kastner, Hans-Ulrich Obrist.

Graphic Design: Studio Saraceno
Language: English
Published by: Skira
Price: 390 SEK

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What is a translation? Do we just translate words or do we even translate art? The anthology Translatability is a result of a cooperation between Bonniers Konsthall, Södertörns högskola and Albert Bonniers Förlag. Together with an exhibition and a seminar program the book aims at discussing the role of and limitations and possibilities with translatability in contemporary art. The book features new texts and newly translated texts.

Contributors: Clarice Lispector, Vladimir Nabokov, Aleksandar Hemon, Osman Lins, J L Borges, Erik Andersson, Cecilia Sjöholm, Sara Arrhenius, Jochen Volz, Daniela Castro, Vladimir Safatle, Magnus Bergh, Eduard Glissant, Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback.

Editors: Sara Arrhenius, Magnus Bergh, Cecilia Sjöholm
Graphic Design: Ritator & Jan Biberg
Language: Swedish & English
Published by:  Albert Bonniers förlag, 2011
Price: 200 SEK

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Scene Shifts

Scene Shifts is an anthology and an encounter between art and theatre. This book is part of a collaboration between Bonniers Konsthall and Dramaten& at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. From new and older texts and essays, and images from the eponymous exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall in autumn 2010, a profound but not always conflict-free relationship between art and theatre emerges, a love affair that has produced and continues to produce ground-breaking works.

Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Pablo Bronstein, Miriam Bäckström, Keren Cytter and Andrew Kerton, Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk, Inci Eviner, Magnus Florin, Gabriela Fridriksdottir, Heiner Goebbels, Jacob Hirdwall, Ragnar Kjartansson, Ylva Ogland, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Lili Reynaud Dewar, Kirstine Roepstorff, Pietro Roccasalva, Markus Schinwald, Sriwhana Spong, Catherine Sullivan, Matthew Wilson Smith.

Editors: Sara Arrhenius and Magnus Florin
Graphic Design: Ritator & Jan Biberg
Language: Swedish & English
Published by:  Albert Bonniers förlag, 2011
Price: 200 SEK

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Life Forms

Life Forms is an anthology, with contributions from both writers and artists, who discuss the ways we understand and describe, the artificial and the organic, art and landscape. Does contemporary art travel through and throughout apocalyptic, trashed and exploited landscape? Or does art create room for new utopias where it can contribute to the discovery of new life forms and new strategies for survival?

The Life Forms book was published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at Bonniers Konsthall 16 Sep 2009 – 10 Jan 2010.

Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Micol Assaël, Charles Avery, Rosa Barba, Magnus Bergh, Andreas Eriksson, Ane Graff, Tue Greenfort, Donna Haraway, Henrik Håkansson, Lars Jakobson, Åsa Maria Kraft, Tuija Nieminen Kristofersson, Helen Mirra, Vladimir Nabokov, Katie Paterson, Thomas Pynchon, Jani Ruscica, Tomas Saraceno, W.G. Sebald, Robert Smithson.

Editors: Sara Arrhenius & Magnus Bergh
Graphic Design: Mattias Givell & Jan Biberg
Pages: 392
Price: 200 SEK
Language: Swedish & English
Published by:  Albert Bonniers förlag, 2009

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Gunilla Klingberg

This conceptual book is based on the exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall 2009. Gunilla Klingberg combines pattern images with sculptures and sound work. She is perhaps best known for her characteristic patterns of recycled supermarket logotypes. Modest, everyday logotypes as Sparlivs and Lidl are transformed into seductively beautiful oriental patterns, while the Spar logo forms the foundation for a kaleidoscopic animation.

Gunilla Klingberg is interested in the contemporary consumer culture. She picks visual expressions from our time and combines consumerism with spirituality, low-budget design with Eastern imagery. Bringing together things that are vastly different from each other, she creates new meanings and meetings between cultures, forms of expression and traditions.

Editor: Sara Arrhenius
Graphic Design: Jonas Enqvist, Mattias Givell, Gunilla Klingberg
Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Jennifer Allen
Pages: 65
Price: 200 SEK
Language: Swedish & English
Published by: Bonniers Konsthall, 2009

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Sprout from White Nights

The book is a conceptual publication published in conjunction with the exhibition Sprout from White Nights – a meeting with Chinese contemporary art. The publication is a work in the exhibition and the texts are produced in different horizontally cut levels. The book brings ever new readings that mix the three languages with images.

The exhibition presented 17 young Chinese artists at the crossroads between ancient traditions and new technology. In cooperation with Bonniers Konsthall, guest curator Zhang Wei has created an exhibition presenting a part of today’s China through the artists’ works, but also through workshops, lectures, talks, film screenings, design, and this publication.

China’s dynamically growing art scene has since the early 1990s found a growing audience, and been extremely successful internationally. The art has also become a symbol of the emerging new China. Sprout from White Nights reflects a China in transition and spans depictions of the old traditional society and the new culture that is emerging in parallel with the technological development and economic growth.

Editor: Hu Fang
Graphic Design: Liu Zhizhi
Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Caroline Elgh, Hu Fang, Jiang Jun, Pak Sheung Chuen, Alfian Sa’at, Zhang Wei
Pages: 223
Price: 200 SEK
Language: Swedish, English & Chinese
Published by: Bonniers Konsthall, 2008

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Michael Beutler Kottgubbar

For Bonniers Konsthall Michael Beutler has created new works based on the gallery’s architecture. With equal doses of improvisation and detailed planning, he, together with a group of students at the College of Fine Arts, made a forest of pillars. Pillars formed of cardboard and steel wire, and covered with wrapping paper in various colors.

Two cameras have automatically registered different moments in the four steps of the installation’s construction. The pictures make up the main part of the book, along with sketches and old work material.

Editor: Sara Arrhenius
Graphic Design: Michael Pfrommer
Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Kim Einarsson, Polly Staple
Pages: 160
Price: 200 SEK
Language: Swedish & English
Published by: Bonniers Konsthall, 2008

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The book Anachronisms and the exhibition Against Time is an encounter between visual artists and writers who, in their different ways, work with history, storytelling and time. There is a fascination about returning to the past in contemporary art and literature. A past that is reinterpreted and given new meanings through creative rewritings and new writings. In the essays, poems and pictures in the book, the authors and visual artists touch upon how we experience time, how we create stories and what function the reconstruction of the past fills in contemporary culture.

Anachronisms was published in conjunction with the exhibition Against Time at Bonniers Konsthall 2007.

Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Magnus Bergh, Ulla van Brandenburg, Gerard Byrne, Marcel van Eeden, Annika von Hausswolff, Johannes Heldén, Leif Holmstrand, Martin Karlsson, Fabian Kastner, Joachim Koester, Robert Kusmirowski, Lotta Lotass, Jan Mancuska, Melvin Moti, Gerald Murnane, Lina Selander, Marie Silkeberg, Johan  Thurfjell, Dubravka Ugresic, Per Wizén, Ulrika Minami Wärmling.

Editor: Sara Arrhenius & Magnus Bergh
Graphic Design: Mikael Kangas
Pages: 384
Price: 200 SEK
Language: Swedish & English
Published by:  Albert Bonniers förlag.

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20 years Maria Bonnier Dahlins Foundation 1985 – 2005

20 years of Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation 1985-2005 is a book that collects all the Foundation’s grantees and was released when the Foundation celebrated 20 years. A fundamental idea of the book is to reflect the vitality of the young Swedish art over the years, and to give glimpses of the oeuvres of each individual artist.

Editor: Anders Olofsson
Graphic design: Mikael T. Zielinski
Pages: 167
Price: 200 SEK
Language: Swedish and English
Published by: Maria Bonnier Dahlins Stiftelse, 2006

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