Ylva Ogland She, an Introduction

Ylva Ogland She, an Introduction

4.700,00 kr

She, An Introduction

We offer a very special, limited edition of the book, an art piece in itself as it includes an archive box, handwritten title, a piece of cut out cloth from one of Ogland’s paintings, as well as a number of facsimiles of Ogland’s works.

The publication has been made for the occasion of Ogland’s solo exhibition She in Four Acts at Bonniers Konsthall. The book contains images from a wide selection of works starting from March 2015 and going back to 1990, as well as texts by Sara Arrhenius, Nicolas Bourriaud, Sinziana Ravini, Marina Fokidis and Nicola Trezzi. These writers, scholars and curators have followed Ogland’s work for a long period of time and have in very different ways been deeply influenced by her world of ideas, memories and fantasies.