Sprout from White Nights

Sprout from White Nights

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The book is a conceptual publication published in conjunction with the exhibition Sprout from White Nights – a meeting with Chinese contemporary art. The publication is a work in the exhibition and the texts are produced in different horizontally cut levels. The book brings ever new readings that mix the three languages with images.

The exhibition presented 17 young Chinese artists at the crossroads between ancient traditions and new technology. In cooperation with Bonniers Konsthall, guest curator Zhang Wei has created an exhibition presenting a part of today’s China through the artists’ works, but also through workshops, lectures, talks, film screenings, design, and this publication.

China’s dynamically growing art scene has since the early 1990s found a growing audience, and been extremely successful internationally. The art has also become a symbol of the emerging new China. Sprout from White Nights reflects a China in transition and spans depictions of the old traditional society and the new culture that is emerging in parallel with the technological development and economic growth.



Editor: Hu Fang
Graphic Design: Liu Zhizhi
Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Caroline Elgh, Hu Fang, Jiang Jun, Pak Sheung Chuen, Alfian Sa’at, Zhang Wei
Pages: 223
Language: Swedish, English & Chinese
Published by: Bonniers Konsthall, 2008