Gunilla Klingberg

Gunilla Klingberg

200,00 kr

This conceptual book is based on the exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall 2009. Gunilla Klingberg combines pattern images with sculptures and sound work. She is perhaps best known for her characteristic patterns of recycled supermarket logotypes. Modest, everyday logotypes as Sparlivs and Lidl are transformed into seductively beautiful oriental patterns, while the Spar logo forms the foundation for a kaleidoscopic animation.

Gunilla Klingberg is interested in the contemporary consumer culture. She picks visual expressions from our time and combines consumerism with spirituality, low-budget design with Eastern imagery. Bringing together things that are vastly different from each other, she creates new meanings and meetings between cultures, forms of expression and traditions.



Editor: Sara Arrhenius
Graphic Design: Jonas Enqvist, Mattias Givell, Gunilla Klingberg
Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Jennifer Allen
Pages: 65
Language: Swedish & English
Published by: Bonniers Konsthall, 2009