Collected Works! 30 years with the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation

250,00 kr

From the start in 1986, the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation has distributed grants to no less than 79 young artists. This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the foundation and this book offer insights into the Swedish art world from the 1980s to the present. Jeanette Bonnier, here in an interview with Sara Arrhenius, talks about the background to the grant – her daughter’s death in a car accident – and how it has been developed and the importance the grant has had even on a personal level.

The book’s leitmotif is interviews with grant recipients about their work, inspirations and what is important in art and society. With archival material, pictures and reviews a story about the art scene in Sweden over the past three decades are formed. The material reflects what has happened and changed over the years – a story that makes the present appear from a different view.



Number of pages: 324
Form: Annika Lyth, Lyth & Co.
Chief Editor: Niclas Östlind
Editors: Jenny Forsell & Theodor Ringborg
Language: Swedish
Published by: Bonniers Konsthall, Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation and Bonnier Facts