A Trip to the Moon

A Trip to the Moon

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The love affair between art and film started the moment the film camera was invented. A Trip to the Moon is an anthology, with contributions from writers and artist, who investigate the centurylong relationship.

A century after the first film experiments, moving image is an inevitable part of our visual culture, available to everyone. One could say that we have now reached the stage after film, a shift in technologies as decisive as the invention of film itself. A sad consequence of the invention of new technologies is that other techniques have to move to the graveyard. How those shifts, those births and deaths in the history of the moving image, influence and change art is the core in this book and the eponymous exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall 2012

Contributors: Sara Arrhenius, Alexander Ahndoril, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Rosa Barba, Marco Brambilla, Tacita Dean, Don DeLillo, Douglas Gordon, Jan Holmberg, Christiane Paul, Alex Reynolds, Lindsay Seers, Ryan Trecartin & Lizzie Fitch, David Foster Wallace, Ming Wong, Gene Youngblood



Editors: Sara Arrhenius & Magnus Bergh
Graphic Design: Ritator & Jan Biberg
Language: Swedish & English
Published by: Albert Bonniers förlag, 2012