Free admission

Bonniers Konsthall introduces free admission to all exhibitions

Since its launch in 2006, Bonniers Konsthall has exhibited the most recent art to a broad public. The driving concept behind the museum has been to work to increase the general public’s interest in modern art. In order to make the museum even more accessible, Bonniers Konsthall has opted to offer free admission February 2015, when the large-scale exhibition – City Walks – was opened.

By offering free admission, we hope that even more of the general public finds their way to our exhibitions and ventures into the world of contemporary art. Free admission enables visitors to return time and again to the same exhibition, to see new art, to experience the exhibitions at their own pace. Bonniers Konsthall aims to be a welcoming space where anyone and everyone is invited to view and discuss art.

Bonniers Konsthall was opened by the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation, which was founded in 1985 by Jeanette Bonnier in memory of her daughter Maria. Every year, the foundation awards grants to young Swedish artists.

Over the course of more than 200 years, the Bonnier family has supported arts and cultural life. Jeanette Bonnier founded Bonniers Konsthall in this very tradition. The museum is a privately run, not-for-profit organization, and is supported by the media group Bonnier.