Jens Fänge

07 Feb 01 Apr 2018

Jens Fänge will introduce the spring by occupying the main exhibition rooms, offering up the largest-ever exhibition of his work, Drömmarna (The Dreams). Jens Fänge works with painting and assemblage, transforming the exhibition rooms into stage-like settings. In his work, we encounter labyrinthine, dream-like spaces, with patterned wallpaper providing a backdrop for the paintings themselves and where the pattern is repeated.

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Peter Liversidge

07 Feb 04 Mar 2018

British artist Peter Liversidge will be a recurring artist with performances, interventions and artworks at Konsthallen throughout 2018. Liversidge’s exhibiton presenting Proposals functions as a starting point generating new works. A number of proposals are addressed to the Konsthall, and represent an artistic method inspiring a dialogue. Certain proposals are impossible to realise, but not all. What is possible? Which proposals can Bonniers Konsthall undertake?

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Artists’ film international

07 Feb 2018 04 Mar 2017

Artists’ Film International is a network of art institutions from around the world, first established by the Whitechapel Gallery, London, in 2008. From a selected theme, each participating institution chooses a film from an artist who is in a relatively early stage of their career. The theme for 2018 is ‘truth’, and Bonniers Konsthall has invited John Skoog to participate with his film Shadowland.

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