16 maj 2018

Wednesday Evening: Highway Gothic

This evening features several short presentations on exhibition piece Highway Gothic, a film installation illustrating questions of how infrastructure is used to segregate social groups from one another. The evening is rounded off with an introduction to Afrofuturism, an experimental musical genre.

Participants: Ylva Habel is a professor in Media and Communication Studies and researcher in Anti-Black Racism at the Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism at Uppsala University; Eva Minoura has a PhD in Architecture and Urbanism, and works as an architect at Stockholm-based Spacescape; Elena Wolay is a producer, lecturer and music journalist. In Swedish.

Regular 100 SEK. Senior/student 80 SEK. Free for members. Places are limited. Entrance fee is included in the ticket.

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Photo: Ylva Habel, Eva Minoura och Elena Smon Wolay (Photo: Fredrik Skogkvist)