Bonniers Konsthall Remixed

Bonniers Konsthall Remixed

From Danger Mouse’s Grey Album to Salem’s slowed-down version of Britney’s Till the World Ends, remix culture is revolutionizing contemporary dance music and challenging existing copyright laws. But what exactly does it mean to have most of the world’s music just a few clicks away via downloading, or to have easy-to-use software that makes it possible for anyone to make a song their own? Or that social media and user-driven sites like Soundclound play an ever-increasing role in music distribution? What kind of imprint will the technical developments of today leave on tomorrow’s music scene?

Bonniers Konsthall wants to take the pulse of contemporary remix culture. We’ve asked Hans Berg, a DJ known for his collaboration with Nathalie Djurberg, to create a signature melody for us. Now it’s up to you to make your mark on our song.

We’re looking forward to receiving a diverse group of songs, in which everything from dance pop to artistic experimentalism will be represented. We welcome your contributions!

This is how it works

We urge all music makers, professional and amateur, to remix Hans Berg’s song for the Bonniers Konsthall Remixed contest.
To participate just download the app, Bonniers Konsthall Remixed, with our song and make a remix on your iPhone.
You can also download the original song from our Soundcloud.
E mail your finished remix to before November 5th. Don’t forget to put your name and e-mail!

A jury will review all entries and select a winner, who will be presented in th konsthall friday Now 30th.